The Business of the 21st Century

“If it doesn’t make you money, it’s not an asset, it’s a liability.” – This revised understanding of an asset and a liability has the power to really turn around fortunes for most. A deeper analysis of lives of most of my friends and acquaintances from the left side of the quadrant reveals that most go through their entire lives not truly developing one single asset. They toil their entire lives, satisfied to lose their freedom to dream, happy with their small and limited wins, treating the success and spoils of the “Main Man” as alien luxuries not for this lifetime, only to finally retire honorably with a meagre pension to fall back on as the reward for having served yours truly loyally. Most do not realize that it is not much of a price to get paid for the services (for the lack of a better word in place of slavery) of a million who helped him establish his empire of millions. Yes, slavery is a strong term to abruptly dismiss the career of an individual human being, but after all, all you have given him is only all of your one life…

I truly believe that there is enough and more in this world for each and every individual to become successful and phenomenal. It is only the years of hypnosis practiced within the walls of a classroom to grind this idea of slavery into the minds of all who pass through it, which is nothing but the systematic snipping of wings. Only some soar out of those thick corporate clouds to realize that financial freedom is a right of every individual. In fact, I’m quite surprised that it is not stressed upon or taught more extensively in schools and colleges and even b-schools. On second thoughts, I’m not so surprised, as it is not in the best interest of the honchos which come to poach the best and eventually, the rest of the flock to keep their company churning money.

I am not saying that being in the E or S quadrant is necessarily wrong in itself. But to ultimately achieve financial freedom, no matter which path you take to get there, should be the end game for all. Private franchising as an idea particularly appealed to me in this regard. Being in the E sector myself currently, I am convinced of the benefits of the network marketing business and how it can help me make the shift to the right side. It does not force me to invest a huge amount of money or time on my entrepreneurial adventure, instead I can afford the flexibility of choosing the amount myself. It involves working with a bunch of like-minded, ambitious people with the correct attitude and a vision. According to my understanding, based on excerpts from successful personalities, a vision is common to all. Nobody just happened to stumble upon the pedestal they stand on today. And it is this vision which separates the successful from the rest. This is what is lacking in most people chasing high paying corporate jobs with a “job security” who do not take a moment to see the big picture or as Robert Kiyosaki stated it, “Where this ladder is planted?” Perhaps we have been climbing up a ladder leaning against the wrong wall all along.

I’m looking to dip my toes in the entrepreneurship puddle and get inspired in a thriving network of dreamers. I understand that success does not come easy and it requires patience and perseverance. But, it is high time I learn how to truly make wealth and not just money.

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