Life of a Bewakoof

A Bewakoof does not come home all dreary with a worn out mind like all the other corporate slaves. That is not because his job is any less painstaking or demanding. It is because his motivation behind working tirelessly day in and day out is not the dough he brings home at the end of the month, but something much greater. It is something that only a closely knit family like Bewakoof’s can offer. It is the sense of achievement one gets, to see some creation of his reach millions and become one of the hottest trending topics amongst the Indian youth. It is the sense of ownership which is equivalent to any of the founder’s. Bewakoof is not one man’s start-up. It is a few dozens of people living their dream of a start-up through one brand. It is a small group of young and ambitious minds with the mettle to handle the responsibility of a multi-crore company and 250 other employees with every decision that they make. It is those free minds which do not want to be just another cog in the wheel, but one of the wheels. They are those “fools” which believe that targeting the most fickle minded demographic in the country is a good idea. They are the ones who depend on something as dynamic and unstable as fashion and style for a constant source of income.

And what feeds their hunger and foolishness? It’s simple. They do!

A tremendous amount of talent and the right amount of craziness, are common ingredients found in every Bewakoof. It is the deep commitment that each of them share, which drives them to do what they do.

A typical day of a Bewakoof begins with a smile and ends with one as well, along with a lot of laughter in between. With untimely food deliveries, frequent cigarette breaks, a perennial atmosphere of light humour and the flowing traffic of ideas, the “crib” beams of youthful energy. With an absolute absence of skeptical eyes to scan and monitor and engrave everlasting impressions in their minds, Bewakoof offers a pleasant contrast to a white collar job. The inhibitions binding the creative thought process fall away and clear the path leading to their trademark wicked designs.

The break neck speed at which the brand is growing demands an extension of the existing family. It requires some protocol and some regulations associated with scaling up. But preserving the Bewakoof culture would be critical to its victory run. The success of the brand is not just defined by the operational efficiency or analytical proficiency. It is defined by the life of every Bewakoof.

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