How it started…

It came to me one day as I sat in the lonely confines of my home left to my own thoughts. Just a couple of months into my first job, I was desperately scrambling for a new one when my mature self finally got a grip over me and like the thousands of other fresh minds in corporate shackles, I realised that I have to give in to the decomposition while I wear a white collar around my neck, however temporarily, until I make my attempt to jump and hopefully fall back on track. Grown weary by the sudden limitation of my aspirations as I began my corporate career, I started looking for part time projects that I can work on, to continue to live with myself during this temporary period of voluntary imprisonment. As I started networking with entrepreneurs with the help of powerful professional networking sites, I shortlisted a few interesting opportunities and started pursuing them. In the process of signing up for one of these opportunities, I was required to hear some famous man speak and read a book by another famous man and submit a short write-up on what I thought from it. This insignificant ask gave me a chance to put my thoughts down in words and experience the calmness that it always brought me. The rest of the story can be guessed. I decided to do away with any additional professional quests and give myself a chance to try my hand at something of my own…

So here is my attempt to present a peek into the confused but beautiful mind of me and thousands of other millennials like me…


PS: I intend to keep my personal identity confidential. This is partly in accordance to my vision of eventually creating this into a public forum for sharing of creative personal thoughts and not for my own personal brand building.

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